Aimex Australia


The project aims to elevate the brand positioning and create a seamless shopping experience. Initial research highlighted the need for rebranding to position the business as per its values: reliable, customer-centric, dynamic, and easy to buy. We worked to define the branding guidelines, logo redesign, content strategy, eCommerce store development and performance monitoring.


  • Brand strategy

The project's strategic objective is to convey the brand positioning and values with its branding, online store experience and all other digital touch points. As an online-first business, deriving a brand that instils trust and credibility is the primary objective. With the content and marketing strategy supported by the digital assets, the business's direct website sales increased by 40% in the first two years.

  • Aimex Australia logo in water background
  • Aimex Australia water cooler box package design
  • Kid drinking water from Aimex Australia water cooler
    Aimex Australia water cooler

The eCommerce store focuses on creating a seamless shopping experience that motivates buyers and is easy to use and secure for payments.

  • Aimex Australia mobile website preview
  • Aimex Australia growth charts for online sales
  • Aimex Australia online store

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