Design. Develop. Market.

Creating remarkable brands & products.

We are a digital agency in Adelaide, SA. Why are we named 'Logicsync', you say? We believe that intention and logic are at the core of achieving a goal, and harmonious synchrony makes it impactful, hence, Logicsync. Our work aims to carry this in all the small and big things we do.

We tailor exclusive brand experiences for businesses. The best work happens with collaboration and the willingness to dive deep. A creative partner supporting your goals with our expertise and delivering intentional, meaningful work.

A team of strategic consultants, thinkers, creative designers and developers. We function as a consultant that helps you chart the direction and as your hands-on, creative partner that is with you through the evolving needs of the business. With our skills & expertise, we strive to deliver meaningful work and measurable results for each task.

What we do

We help businesses utilise digital space to grow. Design brand experience, Develop operational systems, and Market products & services.


We define and create brands with a personality that reflects the values which make the brand recognisable and memorable. From deriving branding guidelines to designing a visually capturing and engaging website that stands out, we dive deep and cover the designing front to elevate your business.

  • Logo design

  • Visual identity

  • Branding guidelines

  • Marketing website

  • eCommerce websites

  • Custom websites

  • Print design


Using technology to create the go-to tools that define and elevate your operational workflow. Apps, software, and systems you will use to define the processes and manage the internal workings of your organisation digitally. Functional, intuitive and dynamic technology tools with the capacity to adapt to the evolving needs of your business.

  • Custom apps development

  • CRM Integration

  • Digital processes


Understanding your business, your voice, what makes it different and how it connects with its audience and deriving a digital strategy that positions your brand to drive maximum impact is our core. We utilise multiple mediums, from creative campaigns to paid ads, to attract, engage and elevate the audience's perception of your brand.

  • Content strategy

  • Social media campaigns

  • Influencer outreach

  • Social media management

  • Paid ads

  • Search engine optimisation

Our Approach

We base all our tasks on a well-defined approach. A well-rounded, reliable approach for developing outstanding quality, scalable, adaptable, and efficient projects. Our approach provides the necessary flexibility to move across the blocks to test, recalibrate and assure quality at each step. A double-triangulated system that supports us to achieve each task with minimum redundancy and maximum efficiency, with the output being excellent, always.

Process Oriented

Process Oriented

We're keen to derive how to achieve the best outcome for the objective and aim to streamline it well.

Inspired by Technology

Inspired by Technology

Our tools empower us. Using the right tools, exploring and developing new systems that make things work.



We work with a systematic but flexible mindset, ready to adapt and derive workarounds for the practical limitations of a business.

Do it for a Purpose

Do it for a Purpose

We love staying curious and creative, staying in touch with the bigger picture, and the purpose behind all actions.

Small studio vibes, massive results

We value relationships, transparent communication and efficiency.


To grow into an organisation that inspires and uplifts everyone that engages with it as a team member, client or recipient of the work created.


To fortify your business through our offerings on each step towards success & growth.

Our journey

We have been serving clients across Australia for 10 years since our humble beginnings.

  1. The start!

    Incorporated as in IT company in India.

  2. CeBIT Australia

    Selected for a gold subsidy for our app submission & exhibited at CeBIT, Sydney.

  3. Hello Australia!

    Started Operations in Sydney, Australia

  4. OnMark Agency

    Defined our marketing services as OnMark Agency

  5. Hello Adelaide!

    Launched our office in Adelaide, Australia


Meet some members of our operational team. We put people at the heart of everything we do-our team, clients, users, everyone that interacts with our work.

  • Amrita Shah

    BDM & Marketing Specialist

    Amrita, or Ami as everyone likes to call her, is an experienced digital marketing specialist with over 5 years of experience. Along with her Business Development Manager responsibilities, she helps businesses succeed in the digital world by providing unique strategies, expert insights, and dedicated support to her clients. Her skills, knowledge, and passion for the industry have helped countless businesses reach their goals.

  • Harshit Shah

    IT Specialist

    As a tech professional with over 10 years of experience in the industry, he has a strong foundation in computer science and a passion for using technology to solve problems. He is always looking for new ways to improve his skills and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field. Whether he’s working on software development, IT support, or data analysis, he brings a strong work ethic, attention to detail, and a desire to make a positive impact to every project he takes on.