Bewitching Cosmetic Clinic


The project aims to establish a unique, memorable and recognisable brand that stands out and reflects its expertise and commitment to its clients. Understanding their market and potential customers were vital in creating a brand that meets the mark—starting with a brand strategy and visually stunning shop front design to a creative, alluring website that encourages online appointment requests.


  • Brand strategy
  • Custom websites
  • Print design
  • Content strategy
  • Social media management
  • Paid ads

Creating a captivating brand that inspires beauty was the primary goal of this project. From all forms of signage and shop front designs, including teardrop flags and boards, we worked with the estheticians to capture their vision and create immersive branding for their clinic. The alluring presence attracted walk-ins to the clinic while also encouraging visitors to the site online.

  • Bewitching logo with background
  • Bewitching bifold brochure
    Bewitching bifold brochure back
  • Bewitching reception photo
  • Bewitching logo concept
  • Bewitching brochure and business card
    Bewitching lets get social flyer in gold frame
  • Bewitching logo signage at reception
    Bewitching logo signage on reception
  • Bewitching Cosmetic Clinic pull up banner

The website focuses on showcasing the myriad of services in an easy-to-navigate manner. We created a modern experience with a minimalist design that has truly become an extension of the brand.

  • Website pages of Bewitching Cosmetic Clinic
  • Website icons for Bewitching Cosmetic Clinic